Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hi All,
Finally catching up as it has been a wonderful crazy ride so far.
We left Beaufort NC Tuesday, November 1st leaving 46 degree evenings behind.  We arrived in Charleston SC 6:00pm Wednesday, November 2nd.  It was very cold but a great sail. Picked our way through Fry Pan Shoal with the help of the moon.  We had a welcoming contingency of dolphins meet us in Charleston Harbor and lead us to Ashley marina what a super time, great run. .  Greeting us at the dock was Art Koening who asked if we wanted to stay the night with him and Joan; we practically jumped off the boat to stay the night in a WARM Bed with a home cooked dinner.  I cannot say enough about how super Art & Joan are, they let us stay at their house, drove us around, made fantastic dinners. Capt. John Duxbury drove up from Stuart FL to drop off fishing gear and spend the last few days with us in Charleston.  Art & Joan picked up the crew of Jack Curtis and Erwin Eibert. And all were welcome at Casa Koenig.  It was a fantastic few days and we cannot thank them enough. Great to spend time with everyone. All pitched in to finish projects and final provision.
We left Tuesday, November 8th from Charleston and arrived in St. Thomas the morning of November 16th with the sun rise.  It was quite an adventure with all types of weather, sun, rain, high seas, and plenty of wind. Caught the backside of T.S. Sean and with it, lots of wave/rollers.  Having Jack and Erwin join us to deliver Thai Hot was fantastic and we cannot say enough about them being there for us aboard Thai Hot.  We had a super lunch and dinner in St. Thomas that Wednesday and they flew home Thursday.  We miss you already!
We spent a few days in St. Thomas and headed to Cruz Bay, St. Johns to provision.  We then headed to Hawksnest Bay for the night.  It was very choppy and uncomfortable so we headed back to regroup at Cruz Bay with its raucous bars and music at night and high speed, high volume, remote control speed boats during the day. NASCAR, St. John’s style. We are now moored in Francis Bay, St. Johns, having arrived Monday, November 21st.  It is beautiful, green/blue water that you can see all the way down, sea turtles, pelicans, fantastic snorkeling, etc.  St. Johns if predominately a State Park with many trails leading to old plantation ruins.  Living the days dreams are made from.  Our plans are to stay here until Friday, have a Thanksgiving dinner on Thai Hot and move around to Coral Bay.  That however, is still a day by day decision; amazing not to have a hard schedule.
Probable locations:
St. John to Dec 2nd
BVI’s through December. 
St. Martin and Leeward Islands starting January 

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